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Upcoming events

    • May 28, 2020
    • 7:00 PM - 8:45 PM (EDT)

    Braver Angels (formerly Better Angels) is hosting a documentary screening of Braver Angels: Reuniting America Braver Angels (BA) is "a national citizens’ movement to bring liberals and conservatives together at the grassroots level — not to find centrist compromise, but to find one another as citizens. Through workshops, debates, and campus engagement, Braver Angels helps Americans understand each other beyond stereotypes, form community alliances, and reduce the vitriol that poisons our civic culture."

    Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 7:00 - 8:45 PM 

    This documentary (50 minutes in length) follows a group of "reds" and "blues" who gathered for an intensive, facilitated weekend workshop to find common ground despite distrust, skepticism, and tension over their differing political views.   After the free screening, members of our group will facilitate a discussion about the documentary and ways we might expand the conversation(s) here in Maine and New Hampshire.  

    To see a 4-minute trailer of the documentary, please click here.  


    If Braver Angels interests you, you may also be interested in a Maine-based effort called Makeshift Coffeehouse

    Please refer any questions to JAY WILGUS, Braver Angels Member and Board Member at Maine Association of Mediators

    • June 11, 2020
    • 8:30 AM (EDT)
    • June 15, 2020
    • 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • by ZOOM

    MAINE ASSOCIATION OF MEDIATORS (MAM) presents a Three Day Family Law course designed for new mediators who wish to apply for the Family Law Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (CADRES) roster.  Training to be held by ZOOM, Thursday, June 11, Friday, June 12 and Monday, June 15, 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. There will also by a one hour reading and homework assignment on Thursday and a two hour assignment over the weekend.

    FAMILY LAW training provides fifteen (15) hours of family law instruction. Designed for mediators who want to be on the CADRES Family Matters roster or who encounter family law issues in their work, the training covers the three major areas of divorce and family law cases: children, property, and support. Topics include parental rights and responsibilities, marital property, child support, spousal support, post-judgment actions, and other family law issues. During the training, participants will be introduced to relevant statutes, court forms, and mediation agreements. Participants will also be calculating child support obligations using the Maine Child Support Guidelines and statutes for a variety of scenarios.

    MAM members - $400 Non MAM members - $450

    Registration and Fee must be received by June 1, 2020.

    Cancellation Policy: Fee will be refunded, less $50 deposit, if request is received by June 1, 2020. 

    14 CLE hours plus 1 Ethics hour and 15 CADRES hours available.


    Pam Waite - MAM President - A graduate of Smith College and the University of Maine School of Law, Pam represented the State of Maine as an Assistant Attorney General primarily in employment and tax matters for over 30 years. A skilled negotiator, she trained to become a mediator and now mediates privately; serves on the court rosters for family matters and foreclosurcases; and also is on the roster as a mediator for the Maine Human Rights Commission and the Maine Department of Education. Pam believes strongly in party self determination and the importance of trying to resolve disputes by agreement as an alternative to engaging in lengthy and expensive litigation.

    Lucy Wess - MAM Board member - is a mediator, facilitator, and educator and the owner of Mindful Mediation, LLC in Wilton, Maine. She was introduced to the world of dispute resolution while studying Valparaiso University School of Law in Indiana and soon after became a member of the Pennsylvania Bar. Over the last decade, she has been involved in academics, athletics, and support services in domestic and international higher education settings. Since January 2019, Lucy has applied her varied skills and experiences as a CADRES Family Matters mediator, private mediator and facilitator in a variety of settings, and an Adjunct Instructor in the Undergraduate and Graduate Peace & Reconciliation Programs at the University of Maine. She also is interested in promoting peace, reconciliation, and restorative justice through cross-cultural mediation and facilitation. She serves as a volunteer facilitator with the Restorative Justice Institute of Maine (RJIM) and is pursuing a Master of Art of Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) in Peace and Reconciliation at UMaine. 

Past events

April 17, 2020 Mediating Privately – The Mediation Agreement and Insurance Considerations
April 07, 2020 POSTPONED - Brown Bag Lunch Seminar on Mediation in the Me Too Era
March 31, 2020 40-hour Certificate Program in Mediation
March 18, 2020 Mediator Peer Study Group
February 24, 2020 Mediator Peer Study Group
December 06, 2019 Negotiation Skills and Strategies
November 06, 2019 Mediation Skills for Leaders
October 23, 2019 Agricultural Mediation Training
September 26, 2019 Working in Mediation (or Otherwise) with Parents who are in High Conflict.
September 23, 2019 40-Hour Certificate Basic Mediation Training
September 11, 2019 Mediator Peer Study Group
June 13, 2019 Advanced Mediation Skill Development
June 12, 2019 Domestic Violence Screening for Mediators
June 03, 2019 Family Law Mediation Training
May 06, 2019 Agricultural Mediation Training
May 02, 2019 Probate Court Mediation Initiatives
April 03, 2019 40-hour Certificate Program in Mediation
February 06, 2019 40-Hour Certificate Mediation Training
January 07, 2019 Mediator Peer Study Group
November 15, 2018 Advanced Mediation Skill Development
October 23, 2018 Mediation Child Support Challenge
October 18, 2018 Public Policy Collaboration and the Maine Revives Civility Project - A BROWN BAG LUNCH SEMINAR
September 17, 2018 Mediator Peer Study Group
June 19, 2018 32nd Annual Thomas Nevola MD Symposium
June 13, 2018 Mediation Skills for Leaders - June 13 & 14, 2018
June 13, 2018 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training - June 13, 14, 15, & 21, 22, 2018
June 04, 2018 Family Law Mediation Training
May 17, 2018 Consumer Law Training for Mediators
April 26, 2018 40-hour Certificate Program in Mediation - April 26, 27, 28 & 30, May 1, 2018
April 04, 2018 Promote Civility in your Community
April 02, 2018 Mediator Peer Study Group
March 02, 2018 Domestic Violence Training for Mediators - Postponed to March 2nd
January 22, 2018 Mediator Peer Study Group
December 13, 2017 2nd Wednesday Mediator Breakfast
December 01, 2017 One-Day Transformative Mediation Training
November 08, 2017 2nd Wednesday Mediator Breakfast
November 02, 2017 Annual Meeting and Conference
October 18, 2017 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training - October 18, 19, 20, 26, & 27 2017
October 12, 2017 Brown Bag Lunch Seminar on Restorative Justice
October 02, 2017 Mediator Peer Study Group
September 13, 2017 2nd Wednesday Mediator Breakfast
July 19, 2017 Domestic Violence Training for Mediators
June 14, 2017 ​40 Hour Certificate​ ​Basic​ ​Mediation Training
May 17, 2017 Domestic Violence Training for Mediators

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