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Residential Real Estate Mediation

Maine residential real estate contracts require that Buyers and Sellers attempt to resolve most disputes arising out of their real estate transaction by mediation before they take legal action by going to Court. The Maine Association of Mediators offers a mediation program for the parties to a real estate contract to use when they have a dispute.

Under the program, Buyers and Sellers:

  • Are assisted by a Program Administrator from the Maine Association of Mediators, who initiates and coordinates the process, facilitates mediator selection and provides the parties with the Rules of the program
  • Are provided with a roster of qualified, experienced mediators who have met the programs strict eligibility standards from which to select their mediator
  • Pay equally for their share of the program fee, which includes the cost of the mediator
  • Participate in a mediation session that is nonbinding and confidential at a mutually convenient time and place
  • If they are able to resolve the dispute, enter into written settlement agreement prepared by the mediator
  • If they are unable to resolve the dispute, are able, if they choose, to initiate Court action to obtain a decision

Mediation under the program has proven to be cost effective and efficient as compared to the time and legal expense of proceeding with Court action.

Mediation provides the parties an opportunity to identify their mutual interests in a confidential, nonbinding setting designed to encourage and facilitate resolution with the help of an experience, trained mediator.

If you have a dispute as a buyer or seller under the Maine Association of Realtors Purchase and Sale Agreement that requires mediation, or otherwise would like to pursue mediation to resolve a dispute arising from a residential real estate transaction, follow the Step by Step Instructions and review the Documents You Need.

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