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Rebekah Smith - President

Rebekah has provided exclusively neutral legal services since 2005, serving as a mediator, arbitrator, independent investigator, and administrative hearing officer. She has mediated hundreds of disputes to successful resolution in a variety of settings from family inheritance disagreements to human rights violations. In addition to providing mediation services for private parties, Rebekah serves as a neutral for several state agencies, including the Maine Department of Education, the Maine Labor Relations Board Fact Finding Panel, the Maine Human Rights Commission, the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, and the Maine Public Employees Retirement System.

Nelson Larkins - Vice President

Nelson is a partner at Preti Flaherty in Portland, Maine.  He has over thirty years of experience as a litigator with an emphasis on workers’ compensation, longshore, general litigation, and family law.  He was the Editor in Chief of the Ohio State College of Law Dispute Resolution Journal and has been involved in mediation since 1984.  He is the immediate Past President of the Maine Association of Mediators.

Sonia Buck - Treasurer

Sonia received her B.A. in English and Business from the University of Southern Maine (cum laude) in 2002. She then earned her J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law (magna cum laude) in 2005. While in law school, she was the Production Editor of the Maine Law Review. She also participated in the Duberstein National Bankruptcy Moot Court competition and received the Gignoux Award for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy.

Sonia Buck is a trained mediator and handles both court-sponsored and private mediation and arbitration services. Having recently completed a 40-hour mediation training program, she has been added to several court mediation rosters, including Superior Court mediation and arbitration, family law cases, small claims, landlord-tenant matters, and foreclosure diversion mediation. She is a board member of the Maine Association of Mediators.

In addition to several articles written for the American Bar Association and the National Business Institute, Attorney Buck has also published a book for law students and legal professionals, Movie Therapy for Law Students. Her book surveys 35 courtroom dramas and comedies and discusses the substantive law raised in the movies.

Pamela Waite - Secretary

A graduate of Smith College and the University of Maine School of Law, Pam represented the State of Maine as an Assistant Attorney General primarily in employment and tax matters for over 30 years. A skilled negotiator, she trained to become a mediator and now mediates privately; serves on the court rosters for family matters and foreclosure cases; and also is on the roster as a mediator for the Maine Human Rights Commission. Pam believes strongly in party selfdetermination  and the importance of trying to resolve disputes by agreement as an alternative to engaging in lengthy and expensive litigation.

Peter Curry

Peter is a retired attorney with extensive career experience in the investment management industry. He has mediated in Maine and Massachusetts in commercial and family matters. He has also served as an arbitrator for FINRA. Peter has a B. A. degree from Princeton and a J. D. degree from Columbia Law School, and served for 3 years in the US Marine Corps.



Karen Groat

Norma Murray

Norma practice areas include Mediation and Guardian ad Litem, with a focus on children, families, domestic violence, substance use disorder, mental health, and cross cultural communication, including over a decade of practice in the Probate, Juvenile, Protective Custody, Family, Protection from Abuse, Mental Health, and Criminal Courts. She received her J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law in 2000, her M.A. in Drama & Theater Studies from the University of London in 1991, her M.A. in Philosophy from Smith College in 1988, and her A.B. in Social Sciences from Ateneo de Manila University in 1985. She also works at the Opportunity Alliance in Mediation Services.

Peter Schroeter

Peter is a Mediator and Arbitrator with the firm of Shaheen & Gordon. Peter has over 35 years of experience as a trial attorney and 20 years of experience as a mediator and arbitrator. Peter has successfully resolved over a thousand cases, including business, employment, personal injury, construction, real estate, insurance and probate disputes. He is a member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and recognized by Best Lawyers in America and New England Super Lawyers in Mediation.

Peter has taken an active leadership role in alternative dispute resolution and civic organizations. He currently serves as Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Maine State Bar Association and is a Past President of the Maine Association of Mediators. He previously served as the Chair of the Saco Planning Board and the Southern Maine Fee Arbitration Commission.

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